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TV Documentaries (52-90 mn) Series 7 X 52 mn

In the footsteps of the first archaeologists

Four thousand years separate the construction of the pyramids of Giza and the sinking of the lighthouse of Alexandria. During this period, men were able to see the building, the glory and fall of seven major monuments of antiquity. Among the list compiled by Antipater of Sidon six of these "Wonders" has now disappeared and divide historians and architects on their actual appearance and even existence. French, English, German, American, ... many archaeologists have attempted to reveal its mysteries.

Each monument is a gate open to a vanished civilization The documentaries will discover themes common to cultures of the ancient world (navigation, trade, movement of ideas, natural disasters, wars, ...).

Shot in Africa, Asia and Europe with a team of creative professionals with digital production equipment onboard. Beyond the archaeological documentary, this project wants to promote the concept of historic preservation. Preserve, restore or leave ruins as a base for imagination ? the mysterious Wonders invite us to reflect on the history and cultural heritage.

Shooting : Germany, France, United Kingdom, Egypt, Greece, Turkey.

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Series 7 X 52 mn

Pyramids of Giza

Temple of Artemis

Zeus statue at Olympia

Gardens of Babylon

Colossus of Rhodes

Mausoleum of Halicarnassus

Lighthouse of Alexandria




The Ecumene
The ancient world according to Herodotus

The men of Antiquity known to the Greeks lived between the shores of the Atlantic and the steppes of Asia, between the frozen lands of the North and the dunes of the Sahara. Certainly intrepid navigators Greek and Phoenician had indeed tried to go around Africa or even to approach the north pole, but most of our world was unknown to them. Their Terra Cognita was at the center of a vast area with blurred: the ecumene.

Comment faire renaître les 7 Merveilles du monde si ce n’est en se rendant sur les lieux de leur histoire ?
L’enquête nous mène en sept étapes en Afrique, Asie et Europe à la découverte d’un grand puzzle de pièces archéologiques éparses et d’énigmes architecturales et historiques.


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