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A passion for history and cultures of the world leads us to imagine our ideal TV programs and propose original and innovative projects. The discovery of lost civilizations is a great technical and artistic challenge to place the digital effects at the highest level of realism. The screen becomes a window on the landscape of the past and other cultures. Sequana media is specialized in CGI/3D creations on lost architecture and work with other production companies.

Since 2001, Cow Prod and its brand DRD, Digital Relief Design, offers complete 3D production expertise as well as stereograhic project management for advertising, features films, documentaries as well as communication and 3D TV projects.
By setting up as early as 2003 a commercial 3D production offer reliable and financialy affordable, Cow Prod has been involved in numerous project, leading to an comprehensive experience and extensive knowledge of the 3D workflow.

La Géode , IMAXtm theatre is located in Paris in the Parc de La Villette. It is one of the many artistic, scientific, educational and leisure activities proposed on this site. In the last 20 years, La Géode has welcomed 17 million visitors. Programs are mostly acquired, sometimes produced or co-produced. La Géode presents 10 shows every day with 4 or 5 programs played in turn. These programs are renewed following a release plan every 6 month or so. Release plans include 2D as well as 3D films, since March 2007. La Géode produces and co-produces films in IMAX and in digital forms.


Olivier Lemaître

With a History formation, a career in cultural and communication projects management, Olivier Lemaitre has a passion for technology and lost civilizations. He creates computer graphics images (CGI) of landscapes, towns and historic monuments for museums, magazines and TV programs.

Olivier discovered the 7 Wonders in a child book when he was 10. The naïves pictures and far mysterious destinations such like Egypt and Mesopotamia made in dream about History. How were really the Wonders of Ancient lands? Are they lost for ever ? The beginning of a passion for archeology and images about old civilizations. Today, Olivier has visited 3 of the 4 countries that keep the ruins of the Wonders and meet archeologists. In museum and in the archeological sites, he saw many pieces of a giant puzzle that can use CGI to bring the 7 monuments to life.







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